Bode Hair Lounge
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Address:Shop 2/ 384 Unley Rd, Unley Park SA 5061
Phone:(08) 82724370
Mobile:(08) 82724370
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Reviews of Bode Hair Lounge

Pauline Foureur : Have followed Melissa Bode from 2 salons and now she opens her own it's fantastic. Salon itself is warm friendly and welcoming. The Bode sisters are both talented and up to the minute stylists but maintain that link with what their long term clients need and want. Great coffee and i love my whole time there. I recommend a visit ASAP

Alison : The Bode sisters are fantastic hairdressers. There is no review that could do Bode Hair Lounge justice. Melissa has been cutting my hair since 2009. She has always done a perfect job, and I constantly get comments about my hair!!!. I have so much faith in Melissa's ability that I'm happy to let her try out new styles and colours on me. Melissa has an incredible knack for knowing what will or wont suit my face shape and my style (or lack of). I really value how she speaks up when I suggest something that won't work, and how she can come up with a more suitable style. I'm also really impressed by how Melissa and Alicia bounce ideas off each other in the salon and how they use each others strengths to their full potential. The is nothing they couldn't achieve. Aside to the Bode sisters amazing talent, they run a great salon! The second you step into the salon, both girls greet you with a warm smile and a big hello! You're seated straight away, with a delicious coffee and all the magazines you could think of. Not once have I ever had to wait for Melissa, she is always on time!!! I love the whole experience of going to Bode Hair Lounge, I walk out feeling and looking amazing! Even my bank account is happy, because the girls have kept their prices very competitive! I thoroughly reccomend Bode Hair Lounge :)

Ali Wright : Melissa is one of the best hairdressers I have ever had. I am constantly getting asked where I get my hair done, if that's not proof she's doing an amazing job then I don't know what is!

Mandy : A great concept, and good to see two sisters working together. I tried them out once after a referral from a friend and won't be going back. I felt ignored throughout my appointment as the sisters were busy chatting, giggling and using social media amongst themselves and their friends. I felt excluded and found myself sitting in a negative environment where the girls openly discussed other people's personal lives in a derogatory manner. Not something I look for in a hair dresser. I would have liked to pass on my disgust at their behaviour in person, but I realised they were too arrogant to even realise how unprofessional they were being. Their fancy video games and TV doesn't add anything to the salon except a gimmick. The upside was a decent cut at a decent price for Unley road. If you prefer to stay away from high school gossip, I would strongly recommend avoiding this salon.

Liam : I started going to Bode Hair Lounge on reccomendation from a collegue who had his haircut by Melissa regularly. I had a hairstyle that was very difficult to be cut correctly and I left dissatisfied from many a salon. When I first went in I was greated by two lovely young women who made me felt at home in a new salon. Melissa patiently listened to my exact needs and executed the haircut with precision, style and a good laugh at how pedantic and particular my cut was. I've been getting my haircut at Bode now every fortnight for a year and a half, and I plan on going there for a long time yet!

Bethany : Melissa has been cutting and styling my hair since we finished school together. I have enjoyed watching the girls of Bode Hair Lounge develop into brilliant hairdressers and their business grow to where it is today. The service is amazing and the results are always what I want plus more. Thanks girls, I look forward to my appointments at Bode Hair Lounge x

Jessie : Visiting Bode Hair Lounge has become a ritual I really look forward to! The girls (Melissa and Alicia Bode) are so warm and welcoming and the atmosphere always feels like indulgent 'girl time'. I've followed Alicia through her career for the last 7 years following her from her previous work places and now to her own salon, I've never left an appointment feeling anything less than ecstatic with my cut and colour. I couldnt recommend the girls highly enough, pop in for yourself and you'll see why.

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